Donate and Get Involved

Java Mountain Coffee role is to facilitate market collaborations for the all-women membered cooperatives established under the Sustainable Program and contribute to the Sustainable Program by returning 10% from the sales of farm fresh, micro-roast coffee and 2% from the sales of farm fresh, green coffee to the Women's Empowerment Innovation Fund or WEIF.

Unfortunately, it is not enough to fund the Sustainable Program.

The 2017 coffee harvest yield in Java and Bali islands declined by a massive 30-50% from the previous year. This was caused by the extreme wet weather conditions during the rainy season, which has greatly impacted everyone's livelihoods and stopped our market growth opportunities and in turn has dramatically disrupted the progress of our Sustainable Program.  

Combined this event presented to us by Mother Nature and the challenges faced by a women's empowerment initiative wanting to break into a local and international marketplace, whereby the supply chain was established hundreds of years ago by men and today is mostly controlled by men, we need help to contribute to breaking down the glass ceiling that exists in the coffee supply chain.

Global data on corporate procurement spend from women-owned, majority women lead businesses or women's initiatives is 1%, so with the help of men and women whom believe in the same shared values can collaborate with us to break through the challenges set before us by the recent environmental event and the historical human behavior within the marketplace.

Over the past two years individuals, corporates, universities, and schools have reached out and requested to support the all women membered cooperatives directly, by way of a donation or volunteering. We are pleased to announce as from July 2018 you will be able to make a direct donation to the cooperatives GoFundMe page or the cooperatives PayPal accounts through this update page. 

To share, the Java Mountain Women's Coffee Cooperative and Bali Mountain Women's Coffee Cooperative are faced with the below estimated costs under the Sustainable Program, which includes the costs related to establishing and legalising a cooperative, to join and certify the farms, and cooperatives to the international programs of Fairtrade, RainForest Alliance and UTZ and to maintain the Nursery Program by the Indonesian Coffee & Coco Research Institute.

- Form and legalize a cooperative through the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives with the required minimum deposit into the cooperative bank account, is estimated at USD$2,500

- Certify a cooperative to Fairtrade is estimated at USD$3,500 for 100 members

- Certify a cooperative to RainForest Alliance is USD$4,923 for 100 members

- Certify a cooperative to UTZ is USD$3,100 for 100 members

- The annual Nursery Program budget for each cooperative is USD$6,900